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Behavioural problems 

  • In-home behaviour consults take about 90 minutes. it begins by taking a comprehensive behavioural history, observing and assessing your pet’s behaviour and discussing the problem behaviour in detail.

  • Teaches you easy to use, science-based training and behaviour modification techniques that really work!

  • A week after the consult you will receive your comprehensive report and behaviour modification program to remind you exactly what to do.  Follow up phone/email support is provided for two months free of charge.


  • In-home dog behaviour consult – $600 plus travel


  • Perth

Vet referrals: 

Vet clinics throughout Brisbane refer clients to address behaviour problems. Can work closely with vets in cases where medication is needed to help facilitate behaviour modification. If your vet clinic would like more information or some business cards sent to your clinic, please get in touch.

Call or email now!

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