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Behavioural problems 

As an animal behaviourist, Dr Clay has worked with numerous behavioural cases due to his background in canine behavioural problems.

  • In-home behaviour consults take about 90 minutes. it begins by taking a comprehensive behavioural history, observing and assessing your pet’s behaviour and discussing the problem behaviour in detail.

  • Teaches you easy to use, science-based training and behaviour modification techniques that really work!

  • A week after the consult you will receive your comprehensive report and behaviour modification program to remind you exactly what to do.  Follow up phone/email support is provided for two months free of charge.


  • In-home dog behaviour consult – $600 plus travel


  • Perth

Call or email now!

Below is the behaviour questionnaire! Please click button below to fill out details on the behavioural issues.

Dog in Nature
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